Suffolk Badminton Needs You!

Suffolk Badminton has been around for almost 100 years. Through this evolution, we have seen massive steps in the local, national and international structure of the game making it accessible and fun for millions of players from the beach to international arenas across the world. With technical advances in equipment, communications and IT, the game now reaches massive audiences 24/7/365.

Suffolk Badminton now needs you to take it into its second century with new ideas, initiatives and skills to develop the sport for future generations to enjoy. Much of the current game as we know it has come from initiatives developed and run by volunteers who have given up a few hours a week or month to the game they love. They have taken pride in finding new skills and achievements and the game would not be where it is now without them.

Suffolk Badminton launched a Strategic Development Group in 2023 to look at what the sport needs in Suffolk to maintain and grow towards the 2030s and beyond and there are opportunities for you to be part of this exciting growth.

Suffolk Badminton is looking for people who know a little something about the game – at any level – and most importantly those with some energy, enthusiasm, initiative and positivity to make a difference. If you have 2 or 3 hours a week or a month to share with others playing and administering the sport – the range of opportunities is endless!

Do you enjoy and know your way around social media? Have an ambition to develop your marketing skills? Suffolk Badminton needs you!

Are you good at organising people and planning events? Perhaps you’d like to be part of running tournaments for adults or juniors? Suffolk Badminton needs you!

Do you enjoy helping people with their game and giving tips? Suffolk Badminton needs you!

How are your admin skills? Do you enjoy data analysis, and/or reporting events? Suffolk Badminton needs you!

Do have accounting or financial management skills? Suffolk Badminton needs you!

Whatever your skills, there’s something that can give you a sense of achievement and a whole lot of fun!

So if you think you might be interested in finding out more and taking the next step in developing the sport for the next generations to enjoy, please take it now! Sue McKinley is co-ordinating our volunteer search, so please give her a call for a chat on 07860 812605 or send her message via the button below to share your ideas as to how you can help – PLEASE!

Suffolk Badminton looks forward to hearing from you.

Steve Cook, President, Suffolk Badminton Association

Mike Tee, Chair, Suffolk Badminton Association

Contact Sue McKinley