Masters County Squads

Newcomers Welcome

We are always keen to add newcomers to our squad and this season, you can get involved in the Masters Squad from your 38th birthday - once you are past that date you qualify for the Over-40s and can start the “graduation” process up through all the age groups! Some of our Over-65s started playing for the county in the Over-40s so there is a long future ahead for the newcomers. You can join the Masters Squad at any age and will be very welcome. This season we have two league teams at Over-40, and one in each of the Over-50s, Over-60s and Over- 65s.

This season we are really keen to add some ladies to our Over-65s squad both for the League and Challenge weekend. It is a great chance to play against some new opponents and represent the county. If you’ve enjoyed league or competitive badminton in the past, this could be the chance to enjoy something new. There are six matches during the season including three in the middle of Ipswich. Please contact Sue McKinley, Masters Co-ordinator, for some more details on how you can get involved.

This season there will be a few practice sessions (typical club night style) organised in the county. Watch out for more news as it is released on this website or if you have any questions on dates, timing, locations or if you just want to receive updates about Masters badminton in Suffolk, please contact Sue McKinley.

Contact Sue McKinley

Masters County Championships

Masters Fixtures 2023-24 (updated 10/1/24)

For the 2023-24 season, Suffolk Badminton Association has entered the following teams in the Masters County Championships: Two Over-40 teams, Over-50, Over-60 and Over-65. The new league season got under way at the beginning of October 2023 and will complete by the end of March 2024.

Masters County Challenge

This national competition is traditionally held on an annual basis in January. Thankfully the 2023 competition went ahead in January in five locations across the country. Suffolk was very fortunate to have all its teams (Over-40, Over-50 and Over-60) playing at the same venue at Bournemouth which made it a very sociable weekend.

In 2024, only the Over-40 and Over-60 shared a venue (Eastleigh /Tidworth), with the Over-50 returning to Bournemouth and the new entrants Over-65 heading to Wolverhampton. Team selection was carried out before Christmas and accommodation was booked through Suffolk Badminton Association.

The Over-60 squad has won promotion to the Premiership with their five wins and one draw.

Practice Sessions

Masters players from all parts of the county usually have playing get-togethers early and mid season each year on a typical club night style session. These were be held on:

Sunday 24 September 2023 11am-2pm at Suffolk One

Sunday 7 January 2024, 10am – 12.30pm at Suffolk New College

Detailed arrangements will be published on the season’s fixture list. If you are over 38, live in Suffolk and/or qualify to play for the county and would like to come to a future session, please contact Sue McKinley by email:

Contact Sue McKinley

Not everyone who plays Masters Badminton for Suffolk is an ex-county player by any means. Many of those who play for Suffolk now, never had the opportunity to represent the county at an earlier age and are very proud to be able to pull on a Suffolk shirt.

Over-40 Team

Over-40 Masters County Challenge Team 2024

Over-50 Team

Over-50 Masters County Challenge Team 2024

Over-60 Team

Over-60 Masters County Challenge Team 2024