Badminton England Senior County Championships: Selection of Suffolk Teams


In early 2019, Suffolk Badminton Association requested that an independent review group be formed to consider the present county team selection process to see if it was fit for purpose and to make any recommendations for change to improve the process, making it more transparent. The review group recommended to SBA Council that some changes were needed.

The Selection Committee

The Selection Committee appointed by the SBA Council has been changed and will consist of the following:

Chair of Senior County Championships Committee;

Chair of Competitive Play Committee;

Three independent persons with credible knowledge and understanding of badminton within the county.

No current county senior players will be part of the Selection Committee and the committee will be of mixed gender.

Selection Guidance

All players wishing to be considered for selection for Badminton England Senior County Championship teams should enter the Suffolk County Championships. This shows support and demonstrates commitment to be considered for selection for the senior county teams. This will be the primary consideration for selection and players should make every effort to attend and participate in at least one event. An explanation for absence must be provided to the Chair of the Selection Committee where players still wish to be considered for county team selection. This will then be considered by the Selection Committee.

Other considerations will be:

a) Badminton England grade and ranking information in order to ensure selections comply with the BE regulations / guidance as the county has more than one team.

b) Competitive play information for the last 12 months.

c) The views and opinions of previous season's captains. They will not be part of the Selection Committee.

d) As it is selection of teams, the strength of potential pairings as well as single players will also be considered.

General Information

Players wishing to be selected are reminded that the county match days take place on two Saturdays (9 November 2019 & 25 January 2020) and one weekend (28 & 29 March 2020) at selected venues. Selected players should make every effort to be available on those dates. If any player has made themselves available for selection but knows in advance that they are not available for any of the match days, they must advise the Chair of the Selection Committee at the time of entry into the championships please.

The Selection Committee will make their selection of the players to be included for each team and nominate reserves who may be called upon as substitutes should the need arise. The decisions for the season are to be made within 7 days of the championships.

The Selection Committee will also appoint team captains and approach those players for their agreement to act as captains in advance of completing their selection.

Players selected are to be notified individually no later than 7 days after the Selection Committee decisions for the season. This should be in the form of a personal letter sent by email or post.

If a player's availability changes from that declared at the championships, they should advise both the Chair of the Selection Committee and their team captain at the earliest opportunity to allow a replacement to be arranged and allow the replacement sufficient notice to prepare.